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The growth of containerization and especially Kubernetes in recent years has been nothing short of extraordinary. A CNCF survey points out that Kubernetes in production witnessed a robust 93% growth in 2020 compared to 2019.

The same survey shows that containers used in production had a growth of 300% in…

Enterprises are adopting digital transformation (DX) and innovation — and organizations can modernize investments in core mainframe and other existing systems for competitive differentiation. Innovation is vital across applications, process strategies, and infrastructures.

The world is rushing towards a revival post the pandemic, and all the organizations are trying to…

According to a recent global survey, the revenue for Supply chain management software Is estimated to be around USD 17306M in 2021. ERP for supply chain management is expected to grow ata CAGR of 6.52% from 2021 to 2026. ERP software industry itself is expected to grow at a rapid…

Digital transformation is inspiring and influencing companies worldwide to evolve their business models and adapt it. It starts with people, and it follows with developing the right engagement that delivers a delightful experience, in order for the desired business outcome to be reached.

How It Helps To Drive Customer Experience

1. Customer is King:

No matter how fast the world around us changes, one thing remains the same, “Customer is King”. Businesses that have undertaken this stand have benefitted and witnessed robust growth and withstood challenging times. Businesses around the globe compete very hard to win customers, but it is equally important to dedicate the same effort in retaining them.

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Top 10 ERP trends that will Shape the Future of ERP Solutions

Here are the 10 technology trends that we believe have the potential to shape the future of ERP, if implemented correctly:

Cloud-based ERP

Cloud-based ERP is not a new trend and has been there for few years now. Previously businesses were skeptical about uploading their data to the…

Python has grown to be one of the most loved programming languages since its launch in 1991. According to StackOverflow’s 2020 developers survey, Python ranks as one of the most widely used programming languages even above Java.

Top 10 Use Cases of Python

Web Applications

Python aids in the rapid development of web applications that are both scalable and secure. This is made possible and easier with the availability of web frameworks like Django, Pyramid and Flask. These frameworks offer easy integration with various protocols like HTTPS, SSl, etc and also support JSON and XML.

Eg: Disqus, YouTube, Eventbrite, Dropbox

Data Science Implementations

Data science is a relatively new field that has gained significant importance in recent years and Python is the go-to choice for developers working on Data Science.
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The possibilities of future paves the way we shape ourselves today. So is the way we learn, needs to adapt to the futuristic ways. We are leaving in the era where everything is “out of mind once out of sight”, this means we need to be innovative with how we plan to keep people engaged for trainings.

What is Micro Learning?

Micro learning is the way of passing knowledge or learnings through short term lessons, small module of LMS (Learning management system) or sometimes divided into small segments to address the more receptive audience.

The covid-19 spread hasn’t totally disappeared, the vaccine is still in the testing phase. But people started working way before the lockdown ended, some were working from home, some from the office while taking the required precautions but now that it’s been announced that the vaccine will soon be given…

When the pandemic started, many people lost their jobs. Some thought that this would end soon but here we are in the 8th month and covid-19 still exists. So, we adapted. People started working from home. Many companies let people work remotely and even now, a lot of companies are providing work from home jobs/opportunities.

But as more offices begin to reopen, many companies are unsure about extending remote work opportunities.

Many employees want to continue working from home because of the following reasons:
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Power BI is recognized as a leader among analytics and BI platforms by the major research companies (Gartner, Forrester, IDC, etc.). Best for data analysis for non-technical business users. Power BI provides agile inquiry and analysis without the need for specialized technical support

Modern businesses are built on the wealth…


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